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Welcome at Goldschied.hu

Car radiator repair and sale

At Goldschmied Car Radiator Repair we provide solutions to the following problems:

● Cars
● Lorries and vans
● Construction equipments/vehicles
● Trucks
● Buses
● Forklifts
● Vintage vehicles
● Motorcycles

Radiators, Heaters, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers repair and refurbishment, with factory parts. We also manufacture custom radiators and car radiators from copper and aluminum based on size and drawing. In addition to the above, we also repair plastic parts (bumpers, fan frames, headlights, etc.).

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Company history

The company had been established by my grandfather, Endre Nagy back in 1939. During the stormy Hungarian history, the company somehow managed to stay operational in all those years.


Later on my father, Ferenc Goldschmied has joined the company from 1978 to 2012, then I, Zsolt Goldschmied has opened my workshop in Erdőkertes in 1994, which is serving its customers ever since.


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Address: 2113 Erdőkertes, Fő út 90. Hungary

Phone: 00 36 20 946 9440
Email: kertesiautohuto@gmail.com

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